Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Seven Wonders of My World

Psalms 127:3 says, "Don't you see that children are God's best gift? The fruit of the womb His generous legacy?.....Oh, how blessed are you parents, with your quivers full of children!" (The Message) So on this Mother's Day dear children, I want to thank each of you. I am blessed beyond measure.
James, my first born, you had to put up with a lot didn't you? Such expectations were laid on you, but you know what? You did well son. How proud I am of you. You had to sift through so many things yet you still came out on top. Why look at you, always looking for the unique side of people. You weren't voted top photographer for Sacramento for two years running for nothing.  I love you son.
And to my oldest daughter Paula, words cannot express my admiration for you.  You are my world traveler.  Taking the gospel to unknown places as well as to unknown people... I'm the chicken, not you, and off you went.  I must say however that I'm so happy that you are now living here, have graduated from college with a degree in graphic design and have a wonderful job.  How I missed your bright smile when you were gone.  Thank you for the times we have stormed heaven's gates together in prayer.  Thanks for being my prayer warrior and my friend. I love you Paula.  
Nicole, you really are my fitness freak!  You know so much about health and diet... you should be getting paid!!  On top of that, all of us agree that if anything ever needs to be said or done, you're our go to gal.  There's no one quite like my Nicole.  ;-) And your boys are precious Nicole, that's because you are such a good mom.  How I love you girl. 
Elizabeth, our 'little bit".  Such a tiny one you were, but look at you now!  You're simply beautiful (just like all of your sisters).  I watch you with your children and it makes me so proud.  I wish I was as tenderhearted with each of you as you are with each of yours.  You make me smile.  And between you and Nicole, I don't know whose the better cook!  Your husbands and children are the lucky ones to be sure.  You have always been my little peace maker... which I know has been hard for you at times.  But you are such a good one!!  And I love, love, that you teach your little ones at home.  Hang in there sweetheart, it will all be worth it in the end. How I love you.  
 Rebekah, you are our own little financial guru.  Who else would be writing a blog to pay off student loans??  Your work ethic is just like your dad's.  Do you ever stop??  Thanks for all of the years you worked for your dad.. how he misses that.  You were so good for him and to him and I never thanked you, so I am doing that now, thanks Becks.  You are beautiful inside and out daughter of mine and you are loved so much.
John, wow son, who would have ever imagined five years ago that today you would be married to a wonderful and beautiful woman by the name of Lindsey and that you both would have these dear, sweet babes.  Amazing!  God is good, is He not??  I love you son.  I am not only believing for you, but I believe in you.  Hang in there.
Michael, my soon to be married son.  When you made your surprise appearance in this world, right behind you brother John, nothing could have surprised me more.  Such a shock!  But it has turned out to be the best of all surprises.  I realized that day that my God has a wonderful sense of humor.  My life has never been the same since you two came into my world.  How blessed I am that God picked me to send the two of you to.  I love you son.

So thank you dear children for making my Mother's Day a happy one... I was entrusted by a great God with each of you.  What joy!  I love you guys, your mom

Paula, Rebekah, Elizabeth, and my fitness freak, Nicole

Michael, James, Chris, (my crazy son-in-law-smooches) and John


John Hays said...

Thanks mom! Happy Mother's Day!!!

Deborah Hays said...

You're welcome son. I love you back!

James said...

awwww....thanks for that!!

Nicole said...

Thanks Mom! Glad you like me, hahaha......

Beks said...

I know. We're awesome. ; )

Lizzie M. said...

Thanks mom!!! *sniff,sniff* What would we do without you???

Deborah Hays said...

Just so you all know... this would have been a pretty lonely world without each of you in it. Besides.... who in the world would I have to tell stories about? And you know how we ALL like to tell stories. Like I've already said, You're the best! Love, mom