Friday, May 22, 2009

Little things...

This post will be short. I just wanted to add a couple of items before I went to bed. Below you will find a few more samplings of those things that we have had the pleasure in making. (I will add more in the next few days.)

First, a couple of little girl's short jackets. These have been made in so many different colors, but here are just two samples. We mainly use waffle weave fabric on these, but I decided to make one in denim and embroider ladybugs on the back of it. These waist length jackets look adorable with a cute pair of jeans and a sweet top. The light blue jacket has lace that was purchased from the UK.

Next is a christening gown with a slip to match. It's rather difficult to see all of the details in the pictures below but there is machine embroidery on the dress front and quite a bit of hand embroidery on the slip.

Last, but not least, a clothes pin bag. I loved the fabric that was found for this bag. Nothing could have been more perfect! (Make sure that you click on the picture so that you can see the fabric up close.)


Nicole said...

All very cute:)

Lizzie M. said...

Love them, Addie looks so cute in her jacket!!!