Thursday, May 21, 2009

Love those totes!

Amy Butler is one of my favorites! When Pomegranate Quilt Shop was open, we carried portions of Amy's lines of fabric as well as  her many pattern designs. Along with Amy's items, we also carried designers from Free Spirit, along with Kaffe Fassett,  Anna Marie Horner, and others.  They are very popular lines of fabrics among those  who love the brighter, more 'cheerful' colors, my daughter Elizabeth included.  At the shop we quickly learned however,  that people either loved those fabrics, or hated them.  We found very few whose feelings were 'middle of the road' in regards to those brighter fabrics!
Below is one of Amy's tote patterns (Birdie Sling) that my daughter and I each have made for ourselves and for others in our lives.  I added more pockets (such a surprise!) to the insides of mine, as well as a couple of more on the outside of the bag.  Elizabeth and I obviously cannot sell these bags, as they do have a copyright on the pattern,  but we have made them as diaper bags, for those we know who are having babies, as well as  large totes for family/friends to carry just about any other need they may have!  Since I teach a Bible class, I carry all of the books and supplies that I need for my class.  It works out perfect!! Thanks Amy!

One of the diaper bags made out of Moda's American Jane fabric.

Another one of the American Janes's, this time in red.

The bag that I carry for my class. I added ruffles to my outside pockets.

The bag that my sister-in-law carries to her Bible class. This fabric was by Urban Chicks and Michael Miller. Loved both!

I made another bag as a sample to teach a class on out of beautiful oriental fabrics. The owner of the shop picked the fabric out and it turned out really beautiful. Good pick!


Nicole said...

Yes, they're very cute! Love the colors on the last one!

Deborah Hays said...

I did too. In fact that one will probably always be my favorite. I found the fabric in Kansas at Sarah's Fabrics in Lawrence.... great shop! Love you, mom