Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to two great moms!

Mom, you're the best! I realize that Mother's Day is tomorrow, but I wanted to thank you today for being such a great mom. My friends all loved you and loved coming over just to see you. You were always so great to my friends as well as John's. How fortunate I have been to have you there for me, and not only for me..... but for my children. You were so young when you had John and me. I can't imagine how hard it must have been on you mom, but you endured.... thank you so much. On the positive side though, you were so young when you became a grandmother. Most people thought my kids were your kids and you treated them as such. Again... thank you. (Sometimes I think James especially, wonders if you're his real mom and not me!) I hope you have a great week end mom. (Of course it would be better if you were here with me!) I miss you heaps and pray that some day, we'll be able to celebrate it together. I love you mom. From the bottom of my heart, Debbie

With the one who 'thinks' he's yours... James

With three of the girls, Becks must have been under the table.. ;-) (Next time get up in time girl!!)

And my favorite picture of you and your great grandson Wes. Love it!!

And now to my mother-in-law. I give you great thanks as well. You raised the man that has been my husband for over 39 years. He is so tender hearted and I know that is because of you. He ADORES his kids... just like you do and always have. He is such a hard, hard worker with incredible work ethic.. and we all know where that came from..... again, YOU! Thank you for your kind and generous heart that you have allowed me over the years to maneuver my way into. You never interfere yet are always there if needed. Happy Mother's Day mom. Love you lots, Debbie

You're smiling.. I love it!!

One of my favorites of you with your great granddaughter, Keira.

"Playing" at John's wedding. Such a great picture.

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