Tuesday, May 3, 2011


A little break from Israel.... just for this post.

Having seven children, many of them married now with children of their own, has always been my delight. Having said that, May had always been my month where I didn't have to concern myself with birthdays or anniversaries.... until now. I now have four grandchildren born in May... three of which are girls. So below is the first dress made for the first joy of May.. Miss T.


Lizzie M. said...

Soooo super cute! Love the fabric!!!

Deborah Hays said...

Thank you.. it's a Tina Givens line from Free Spirit. It's an older line, Annabella, but I really like it. I ended up not liking the pattern however and I will never use it again. Cute pattern and whoever does their marketing ought to be commended. Great packaging.. that's why I purchased it... along with another one. Hopefully, prayerfully, the next one will be better. We'll see.