Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Feet!

Here are a few more feet that make my sewing life so much easier!! Can you sew without all of these feet that I have shared with you... yes.... I just choose not to. These feet are great if you sew as much as I do and time, as they say, is precious.

The next foot is the ruffler foot. I know that it looks a little scary, but WOW does it save time! I would never have made as many of Kari Mecca's dress, "Spring Fling" if I did not have this foot. With the rows and rows of long ruffles, I would probably still be working on that very first dress if it had not been for this foot. Again, watch the video to get the full information as to how this amazing foot works.

Here's a picture of the Spring Fling dress "in action". Little girls seem to love this dress because of how far out it can twirl... and as you know, this is very important! ;-)

Another great foot is the zigzag non-stick presser foot. There are also a couple of other non-stick feet available as well, the straight stitch foot and the zipper foot. I don't know about you but I have always disliked sewing over, plastic vinyls, oil cloth, or any treated fabric where my foot would just refuse to move or get stuck. Here's the answer!

Here are a couple of ideas for your next sewing projects using this foot.

First off? I guess you could call this a neck purse? I have made several of these in the past and love them. They have come in so handy if I am working at any show or traveling oversea. (This is what I took to Israel.) I can carry EVERYTHING in this little 'purse' and it goes nicely around my neck. The non-stick foot made this a cinch to sew together.

The inside:

Another foot that helped immensely on this particular project was the piping foot. I NEVER used this foot for piping... my 3 groove pintuck foot works far better. I found that this foot is absolutley perfect for when I am sewing on velcro... like in the above project. Because the foot is uneven from side to side, it is easy to place the thinner side of the foot on top of the velcro, with the fatter side on the fabric. What a difference!!

One more example of where I used the non-stick foot. I made this small backpack (thank heavens for fusible batting!) and I placed a clear pocket on the inside... along with many other pockets, I love pockets!!

The outside:

And the inside. Hopefully you can see the clear pocket. I placed a purple string inside of it.

I have made aprons, tablecloths, etc. using the non-stick foot. And I can't even tell you how many times I have used the piping foot when applying velcro! Great feet... all of them!!!


Anonymous said...

When you see all these feet,it makes you want to sew again.I didn't know there were so many special feet. Great info.

Deborah Hays said...

Oh my goodness.. these are just a few of the feet that I currently own. I'm too embarrassed to share all of them. But I really do use all that I have. In every industry, there are accessory tools that make your job easier and more precise... I'm all for that!