Sunday, May 29, 2011

End of Feet Posts

Good morning sewing friends! I thought that I would end the month, along with my postings on feet, by sharing with you the walking foot and the quarter inch foot. As a quilter these two feet, along with a few others, are indispensable for making those quilts that you long to make for you and your loved ones. Again... can you make your quilts without these feet? Of course you can!! However... these feet are great in regards to helping you get the job done faster and easier.

I'm sure that most of you know what a walking foot is, but did you know that Bernina has come out with a new sole foot? (If you don't own a Bernina, check out your own make and model and see if they offer this new sole foot as well!) By watching the video, (click on the highlighted word above) you will see a demonstration of the two soles that come with the walking foot. What's not shown on the video however, is the newest Bernina sole which has a center blade. This makes stitching in the ditch a dream. You simply place the blade into any seam, stitch in the ditch, and voila! your quilts will have those perfectly quilted straight lines that you have been hoping for! Whatever make of your sewing machine, hopefully by sharing the videos from the Bernina site will help you understand how to use some of those speciality feet that are available for all sewing machine owners. Take a peek!

The quarter inch foot is perfect for those nice quarter inch seam allowances that are needed when making any quilt. Of course there are quarter inch feet available that have a guard on them to make sure that your quarter inch stays just that... a quarter inch.

No matter what kind of sewing you prefer, from garment, to quilting, to embroidery, to home sewing and more, trust me... there are feet available to you that you would not believe! I have only shared with you a very small few. It may not be cheaper to sew like it used to be, but you sure can make things that nobody else has..... and it shows off that wonderful creative side of you like nothing else can. So get busy..... start creating!!

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