Monday, May 30, 2011

In Memory of Our Honored Dead

We all need to take the time to honor those who have fallen in the line of duty for this great country. As we have unfortunately done with nearly every other holiday we have, we again have run ahead in celebration leaving the meaning and origin of the holiday far behind us.

Memorial Day (Decoration Day) began in the 1800's honoring those who had been killed during the civil war. As more wars came and more men and women were killed while in service to this country, Memorial Day grew to encompass many more fallen heros beyond those first early years. Some of you may remember, I know I do, when red poppy pins were sold to raise money for the families that had been left behind by these precious and courageous people. As time has progressed however, the poppies have faded from memory, proper flag etiquette is slowly loosing its meaning, and the many parades that were held across the country in remembrance of those fallen in battle are nearly a thing of the past. Sadly, many of us now are more concerned about what we are going to bar-b-que and where more than the how and the why we have reached this day safely in the first place. I am so sorry. So from my heart, I honor all of you who have generously laid down your lives... you have given your all, so that I and my family can continue to live freely in this wonderful country. THANK YOU!!!!

And for the dear families left behind, may God be your strength, your protector, and your blessed hope. I thank you as well.

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