Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Feet!

Since I talked about Heirloom sewing in my last post, as far as feet were concerned. I thought I would share the pintuck foot next... I own several... but for good reason. I am only going to show two different feet below and please, please, click onto Bernina's website to get more info on these feet. They have a superb, short video for you to view in regards to the decorative things these feet are capable of doing. You'll enjoy it!

After viewing the video, you can see why I own all of the various sizes of these feet. From the 3 to the 9 groove, I have used every one of them. The 3 groove foot (above) is a great foot to use when making your own piping. Truth be told, I prefer using the 3 groove foot for piping far better than the zipper foot... which I know many people use as well.

Should you step out and experiment with one of these feet, just make sure that you get the right size double needle... one that fits the 'channels' on the particular foot that you are going to use, and that you get the correct foot for the size pintucks that you are looking for. Again... take a look at the video and then go for it!!

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