Monday, May 2, 2011

The Diversity of Israel

Just a few shots showing the diversitiy of the people of Israel. I loved it!

A cute Jewish couple.

The sweetest little Jewish boy with his father. (I wish you could see the little curls on either side of his head, but the sun was a little bright.)

A pretty pregnant mom with her little one.

And a little boy who half beat his donkey to death so that he could reach the top of the mountain we were climbing before we did. (I wanted to swat him one for being so cruel to his donkey!)

And last, but not least, a picture of my brother John, my cousin Lisa, and I after finally reaching the top of that same mountain with the wilderness as background behind us... the same wilderness that Jesus was in with the devil... imagine it..


Lizzie M. said...

What neat looking people! The view from the top of those mountains is unbelievable!

Deborah Hays said...

Take in consideration that is where Jesus walked and also where He was tempted. You wouldn't have believed it!! These are the places that made my heart stop.

TheFitnessFreak said...

I would love to go somewhere and see more culture. And I'm not talking sombreros!

Deborah Hays said...

What is really striking, besides just the people themselves, is all that they do that would be against the law or against some county code here. Incredible! Monica would love it over there. She would sue everything and everybody.... the difference? They wouldn't care and she would never win. I say we pack her bags. ;-) Love you, mom