Monday, May 9, 2011

Chateaubriand for Mother's Day

Jim wanted to have a simple bar-b-que for Mother's Day, but our son Michael wouldn't hear of it. When asked what we really wanted, my mom quickly responded with.. Chateaubriand with Bearnaise sauce! Michael never gave it a second thought but jumped in with both feet and made the best meal I have ever tasted! (He is after all, the chef of all chefs... just ask him!). He and Christopher put together a meal that was beyond any of our expectations. From the meat, to the sides, to the finishing up with a scrumptious dessert... it was superb! Christopher made this delicious whipped cream topping that he then placed on top of some strawberry dessert that he thought sounded good... which it was! Those two outdid themselves and more. Here are a few pics.

The cooks... aren't they handsome??

The women they cooked for.... and yes we missed you heaps Paula, Elizabeth, and Stefani.

The meal, okay, okay, Christopher is not into placing food into acceptable serving dishes, but hey... we were just so grateful for the fantastic meal! I wish you could have not only seen all of the fabulous food... but tasted it as well. Yummy!!!!!!!

We had one incredible Mother's Day. Thanks guys! Smooches.

FYI children, Christopher already put WAF? I believe he meant WTTC (When the time comes) on the gold flatware. ;-) Hugs

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Lizzie M. said...

Looks sooo good! Glad you all had fun, love the pics!!!